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💁🏻‍♀️About Us


At present, contact lenses and beauty makeup have become daily necessities. Consumers expect to have the need for product safety and comfort, so we have generated ideas, hoping to provide consumers with better product choices. After a long time, we finally have INNOVISION.

INNOVISION is committed to becoming a professional contact lens and beauty channel brand. Its original concept is based on the premise of beautiful makeup, safety and comfort. It hopes to combine makeup and contact lenses to create a brand new contact lens beauty concept. At the same time, INNOVISION wants everyone to dress up easily. We integrate design ideas from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, and provide more diversified product choices. Through the brand concept of minimalist visual design, you can create your own style. We meet the fans who love beauty and wear contact lenses.

In 2013, INNOVISION was the first distributor in Taiwan to bring Japanese contact lenses into the Taiwan cosmeceutical market. We have accumulated more than 1,000 sales locations throughout Asia.

For INNOVISION, contact lenses and make-up have been very different from previous ideas. Make-up is no longer just one presentation. The combination of contact lenses and make-up presents a solid and rigorous craftsmanship in the brand spirit of "fashion, aesthetics, comfort and leading the trend, looking back to the past and looking to the future, INNOVISION has now transformed into a contact lens beauty channel brand, recreating the next proud Asian international brand.