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Before placing an order, please be sure to read the following instructions carefully, so that you can understand our ordering process more clearly ! !

【 Shopping Method 】

You have to join our member. After you make an order, you can check your order information conveniently.

Register Account Choose what you want Add to cart Fill out information Payment > Send order

【 Members Exclusive 】
  • When signing up as a new member, you will receive a RM 15 voucher. ( the voucher will be invalid in 14 days)
  • RM 20 voucher for innovation members on the month of his/her birthday ( the voucher will be invalid in 90 days)
    • PS. Your own birthday voucher will be sent to your account on your birthday.

【 How to use the voucher 】

  • After logging in as a member, the system will automatically deduct the shopping credit (consumption must be over RM100, and a single transaction can be deducted up to 10% of the current consumption amount)
  • Birthday shopping credit must be used up within 90 days of claiming.
  • The full amount of free shopping credit must be used up within 365 days after claiming.

【 Payment 】
  • Online Banking / FPX via MOLPay

【 Delivery Method 】

  • Pick up at 7-ELEVEN 
  • Home delivery
(Please ensure the recipient’s phone number is correct so that you can pick up your package smoothly.)
If the consumption in West Malaysia and East Malaysia does not reach the free shipping amount of RM 149, the shipping fee is RM 31 within 1kg of the first weight.

  • Using the 7-ELEVEN convenience store pickup method, the package must be picked up within 3 days after the product arrives at the store. If the package is not picked up within the pickup period, the local logistics will send the package to the one you filled in when ordering. , and you will be charged a fee.
Shipping rates: 
    • West Malaysia: RM 9 for the first 1kg and RM 3 for each additional 1kg
    • East Malaysia: RM 23 for the first 1kg and RM 16 for each additional 1kg
  • Pick up at 7-ELEVEN a package up to 4kg
  • Home delivery one package up to 10kg